A Social Business 1

Jesse Cohen neighborhood, Holon, Israel

“Some get the chance to explore their potential to some degree, but many others never get any opportunity during their lifetime, to unwrap the wonderful gift they were born with. They die unexplored and the world remains deprived of their creativity and their contribution”

Those are the words of Dr. Muhammad Yunus, who was awarded the Noble Prize for his contribution to eradicate poverty through a social oriented business plan he invented.
In the Jesse Cohen project in Holon, I chose to deal with the problem of poverty. In my capacity as a designer and an entrepreneur I chose to give hope to the deprived people there, to develop a socially oriented business model which will advance them toward the head of the pyramid: through security, a sense of community, self respect, self appreciation and self fulfillment.
On one side of the different items for recycling, gathered by people from the neighborhood will be stored, and in the other side there will be a workshop, where people will build and prepare things for people in the community. The central space will become a shop, where the workshop products will be sold for fair prices.

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