Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Israeli culture is the product of an immigrant society, combining wide and varied range of influences and cultural creation, drawn from countries and cultures.

The project deals with the consolidation of different cultures, with emphasis on the concept of ‘the road’, to a one common point and a given.

I created four pavilions which are defined by the double walls that define the entrance to the museum. The walls are leaning back towards the heart of the structure to sharpen the leading force inside. The gap between the two walls creates the course of moving in the structure.

Moving on site describes the whole story: bringing people from different corners on the site, their pick-up via one central point, and from there this creates moving in the heart of the project and in the walls to the exhibition spaces.

The choice of building materials, exposed concrete and rusting corten, I expressed the Israeli cultural primacy.

Israeli culure museum 2

Israeli culure museum 3

Israeli culure museum 4 Israeli culure museum 5

Israeli culure museum 6

Israeli culure museum 7

Israeli culure museum 8

Israeli culure museum 11Israeli culure museum 12Israeli culure museum 13Israeli culure museum 14