A house in a Moshav N/2



The original house was built in 1951 for a Jewish immigrant family from Libya.  At first it was a tiny unit, typical of the houses built by the Jewish Agency in those years.  Through the years,  as the family grew,  the house was enlarged. In the renovation process I preserved its central elements which represented it along the years and were an integral part of its form and content. Into those I weaved new content to accommodate it for its new lodgers – a cook and a designer.  As the walls and the ceiling were exposed,  a unique visual form was created which led to a clear deliberation as to the proceedings of building the house.  The oldest part, which belonged to the first unit, contains the kitchen,  dining area and bedroom.  The room at the entrance,  which was a later addition,  is now singled out by a “carpet” of grey floor tiles. On the other end of the house which contains the living room,  wooden roof beams belonging to the original house had been exposed and preserved,  as well as the old book-shelves,  which were an important core of the original house.