Ghetto Fighters Museum

Ghetto fighters Kibbutz 

2016- 2017


Collaboration with Nadav Hazut

Photography: Erez Haim

The 1933 Warsaw exhibition tells the story of the Jewish community on the eve of World War II.
The exhibition deals with the Jewish community and its cultural activities at that time.
For this projectthe concept that was chosen combines a music box frozen in time,leaving behind a cylinder with the last tune of the time, of a community that contributed so many levels to the culture, economy, and society in Warsaw.
Cylinder -
The exhibition is built on the concept of the “cylinder” which is made of aluminum curved to simulate the cylinder of the music box.
On it are dots, actually raised pins, that “play” memories from the period. The prayers from the synagogue tell of the great synagogues in Warsaw, the songs popular in the theater and the music of the cinema are projected on the wall, newspapers materialize out of the wall and revealhow writing was done, and literature and sports show the wealth of cultural production.